You & Your Besties Can Rent An Entire Lighthouse With Insane Views In Washington

You can sign up to be its keepers too!
The New Dungeness Lighthouse In Washington Is A Bucket List Vacation Idea

It's always fun to visit a lighthouse and get some panoramic views from the top. But have you ever dreamed of renting one with your besties? The New Dungeness Lighthouse in Washington is the answer to your fantasy. 

This watchtower is nestled on the Olympic Peninsula between Port Townsend and Port Angeles and has gorgeous sights of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. You can even see Canada from up here! 

The best part? This tower is available to rent out through the Keeper Program. You can sign up to be its keeper for a week at $420 per adult or book the whole house for $2,520 with eight people. That's only $315 per person for a bucket list vacay!

It's also located on the longest natural sand formations in the United States, the Dungeness Spit, so you can check that off your list too. 

The property in Sequim comes with three queen beds and two twin beds.

You can either do a five-mile hike to get here or take a complimentary four-wheel drive to this spot. You'll then be able to get some cardio in by going up the 74-spiral staircase to the top. 

Since it's usually booked out for months in advance, we suggest planning your trip ASAP. You can check the current availability here. 

This dream stay comes with a to-do list though.

While you don't have to stay up and watch for ships, your chore chart will include taking visitors around your weekly nest, watering the grass, polishing the brass — you know, stuff that you'd do at your own home that would make mom proud.

If you're tripping here solo, you can share the responsibilities with your other bunkmates at the lighthouse. 

Prior to this offbeat experience, you'll also get a "Keeper Packet" that has info about everything from what's packed in the kitchen to what appliances there are in this 1857-built structure.  

There are no stores or restaurants here. So make sure to pack enough supplies for a week.

Since all you'll have here is the sun and sea for company, it wouldn't hurt to bring your squad along for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

While you're at it, why not extend this escapade into a road trip and hit some of the best spots in the Evergreen State that's only a drive from the lighthouse?

We're talking an immortal tree hanging mid-air, a magical rainforest covered in moss or a hidden spot that will make you feel like you're on an exotic island.

Since you can see Canada from this spot, you can also drive up there with this epic road trip map. You're totally welcome.

New Dungeness Lighthouse

Price Per Week: $420 per adult

Address Or Neighbourhood: Sequim, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can stay in a historic lighthouse for a week + be its keeper with your friends while getting insane views of Strait of Juan de Fuca and Canada! 

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