Disneyland California is getting so many new attractions and we’re beyond excited. Marvel Land is coming to the park in 2020 and now there’s also a new Rise of the Resistance Star Wars ride set to open January 17, 2020.

Hold onto your hats. You’re about to be blasted to a hyperspace level of stoke. While most of Disneyland’s rides last only a few minutes, this new ride has multiple features and lasts for fifteen minutes, according to Fox News

Here’s what we know about the new Rise of the Resistance ride:

  • It will use four different ride systems: During the fifteen-minute long ride, guests will be chased by Kylo Ren, one of the new film’s main antagonists. It gets even better.
  • Guests will experience taking off from a Star Wars-themed planet of Batuu where they will meet General Leia Organa before getting captured by the First Order’s forces.
  • There’s an epic battle between the First Order and the Resistance.
  • The entire cast of Star Wars reportedly participated in the new ride.
  • The track also features a super-cool outer space segment that will use a motion simulator for rides to drop on.
  • Cool special effects make it look like it has no track on part of the ride.

The ride will take guests under laser gun blasts and ATAT walkers in a totally immersive experience as they journey through a Star Destroyer hangar bay. You’ll also get to see a massive TIE fighter up close and a garrison of stormtroopers.

Disneyland California is also opening a brand-new restaurant called Oga’s Cantina that serves themed food and alcoholic drinks. Oga’s is accepting reservations 60 days in advance of its opening.

If you’re living on the east coast, there’s no need to be jealous. Rise of the Resistance is also set to come to Disneyworld on December 5, 2019.

* This article has been updated.

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