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The New Season Of 'Black Mirror' Is The Scariest Yet...Because It Could Be The Last

Black Mirror fans across the world were stoked when the latest 6-episode instalment dropped on Netflix last night. The series has become a cult favourite for sci-fi fans by presenting eerily convincing alternate realities, worlds and technologies that mimic our society today. 

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Not to spoil anything, but the last episode of season 4 contains a lot of linking elements to previous episodes, suggesting that all the alternate universes and storyboards may all be the same place...

Black Mirror creator Charlie Booker hasn't given any word as to whether or not there'll be a Black Mirror season 5, making many fans believe that this could be the last season of the show. Critics seemingly amazing reviews of the season 4 finale are worrying many fans into thinking that the series is in fact over.

While we're sure there would be more press about Black Mirror ending, we'll ask you to watch the series for yourself and see if you get the same, eery feeling that the show has come to a near-perfect end. 

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