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The Dog Shot During The Nova Scotia Rampage Just Got A Lifetime Supply Of Food (PHOTOS)

The nine-year-old dog is starting to recover from her injuries!

Back in April, there was one small glimmer of hope following the Nova Scotia tragedy. A nine-year-old dog that had become caught up in the shooting survived a gunshot wound, and she was expected to make a full recovery. Now, it seems things are still on the up for the Nova Scotia dog, as she’s been offered a lifetime supply of free food!

Last month, during the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history, a nine-year-old dog got hit by a bullet.

After sadly losing her owners in the tragedy, then having to undergo emergency surgery, and it seems there’s finally some good news in store for Zoey.

In an announcement on their Facebook page, the veterinary surgery where Zoey has been staying confirmed that she’s doing really well, and she’s even received a special gift from a pet company.

“She’s doing fantastic,” Central Nova Animal Hospital explained on Saturday. “She is happy, bright and raring to go everyday. It’s amazing how such a wee one can bounce back so quickly!”

The animal hospital added that the pup’s wound was still healing, but confirmed that she’s “well on her way to a full recovery.”

The vet went on to explain that the miniature pinscher had been given a special gift from Royal Canin — a lifetime supply of free food!

If that wasn't already heartwarming enough, the Animal Rescue Coalition also stopped by the Nova Scotia vet surgery, to share some delicious cookies with a very familiar face on them!

"Zoey approves!" the animal hospital said in response to both of the kind gifts.

Zoey first went viral last month, when reports emerged that she'd actually survived the Nova Scotia mass shooting.

According to the vet, RCMP officers had dropped the nine-year-old dog off just hours after the rampage, and she had a gunshot wound to her hindquarters.

Central Nova Scotia Animal Hospital described the wound as “extremely large for a little dog.”

In a post on their Facebook page, the local vet explained that they had been “overwhelmed” by the number of people who had offered to pay for Zoey’s bills.

Despite her injuries, Zoey is starting to recover, and her new presents are bound to cheer her up!

Thankfully, "some very special family members" will be taking the pup home when she's feeling better, and we're sure there will be no shortage of cuddles where's she's going!

For anybody who is struggling, Nova Scotia has a provincial crisis line set up where support is available 24/7.