Netflix hasn't been shy this year when it comes to show cancellations, in fact, you could almost say they've been a little excessive in the cancellation department. Earlier this year Netflix canceled almost all of it's Marvel shows including Jessica Jones and The Punisher. They also canceled the fan favourite One Day at a Time. Netflix's most recent victim is the Scifi show The OA. The OA was cancelled just weeks after the premiere of their second season.  

While Netflix cancellations are unavoidable the most recent cancellations have left Netflix subscribers wondering what exactly the platforms intentions are. Like Jessica Jones and The Punisher, The OA saw a rise in numbers for their second season with top performances on the streaming service, so why was it cancelled? Marvel has even said themselves that they were "blindsided" by Netflix's decision.

Another thing these shows had in common was their low numbers of attracting new subscribers to Netflix. Claims have surfaced that at Netflix, executives are now concerned with keeping content on the platform that caters to potential customers instead of their already paying subscribers. 

While catering to potential customers is important, appeasing your existing audience should also be a top priority. Canceling highly rated shows that finish on cliffhangers is definitely not the way to do that. 

These new unfair findings have sparked a flame underneath The OA fandom and fans have put together an entire online campaign to get their show saved. Twitter users have been using #SaveTheOA and #TheOAisreal to advocate for their favourite show. 

The campaign has been trending worldwide on Twitter for days now and there's no sign of fans letting up. While Netflix may not be the ones to save the show, One Day at a Time was picked up by a different network, there's still hope. 

The way things seem to be working over at Netflix, it's probably better if our fav shows DO get picked by other networks.