The Office may have come out nearly 15 years ago now, but that doesn't mean that the cultural impact the show has had on the world has gotten any smaller. If you talk to just about anyone, they'll say that they've seen the show at least three times all the way through, and can definitely quote some of the more memorable moments from the show. Since the series came to an end back in 2013, fans have been begging nearly every day for a reboot, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be getting one anytime soon. On the bright side, there are some interesting projects on the go that may just give you your Michael Scott fix. The Office Toronto casting call is searching for Canadian lookalikes.

Earlier this month, a company called Jigsaw Casting put out a PSA that they're currently in search of lookalikes from the cast of The Office. The roles that they're hoping to fill are Michael, Angela, Oscar, Toby, and Jan.

If you happen to have a resemblance to any of these characters, but lack acting experience, don't sweat it. This role actually requires no professional acting background, as the people cast will simply be lip-syncing along to an audio track.

If you're feeling a little nervous about auditioning, don't be. All the process requires is that you upload a photo of your face to a website, and the person who looks the most like each character will be cast, based solely on resemblance.

Of course, there are some other requirements you have to meet, but they're pretty easy. Those interested in "auditioning" must be in Toronto or the GTA, and must be available for filming for one day during the week of November 11.

If you're curious about financial compensation for this mysterious The Office project, you'll be happy to know that each person selected for filming will be paid $500, which is pretty good for not having to be a professional.

The final project is supposedly an "educational PSA", although the casting call doesn't reveal what the PSA is about. According to the call, those cast for the positions will also be unrecognizable.

The last day to submit your photos to be a part of The Office project is Wednesday, October 31, so you'll want to start snapping selfies, stat! You can find all the information at this link.

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