She’s about to take over the world. Charlize Theron is making her next movie debut as an empowering superhero in The Old Guard on Netflix. With how epic the newest original is sounding, it might even rival Captain Marvel.

Based on the graphic novel written by Greg Rucka, the film follows an ancient immortal leader and warrior named Andy (Theron). She’s been resurrected time and time again in order to fight in the world’s largest battles. After centuries on earth, she creates a group of fellow immortal vigilantes and leads them in their fight for justice.

After living thousands of years, the appeal to fight for the greater good every day becomes a struggle. Things begin to change when Andy comes into contact with a new immortal. While teaching her the ways of the team, the vigilante’s realize they’re being hunted down by the CIA.

The movie, set to premiere this summer, comes after the release of powerful movies like Captain Marvel and Birds of Prey, but Theron is ready to take on the world of strong female leads.

She told Vanity Fair, “From the first moment I read Rucka’s graphic novel, I felt like there was great potential to make this thing feel really very relevant and have it ask some real questions about humanity.”

In the same interview, she went on to share how she got mentally prepared for the role and explained how she came to understand the position Andy is in, “It was important to feel the weight of thousands and thousands of years on her. The worst part for her is just feeling like she’s not doing anything. So what is the point, you know? She’s lost faith, not just in herself but in humanity.”

While there’s yet to be an official trailer released, Netflix shared the first look at the film in a series of photos. You can check them out below.

The Old Guard begins streaming July 10 on Netflix.