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Ontario Cannabis Store Customer Information Has Been Hacked And This Is How The Shop Is Responding

It was bound to happen sometime, but less than one month into legal online cannabis sales, there has already been a data hack. 

According to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), the hack was part of a data breach at Canada Post, who is responsible for delivering the cannabis orders from the online store. They are now saying that some customers delivery information has been affected. 

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The hack, which took place around November 1st or 2nd, is expected to have affected over 4500 hundred OCS orders. The information exposed could include postal codes, the name or initials of whoever signed for the deliveries, Canada Post tracking numbers, and OCS order reference numbers. 

Fortunately, they don't believe that any information about the customer's name, address, or any payment information was affected by the data breach. 

OCS customers received an email notifying them of the breach but also took the chance to place some of the blame on Canada Post. Not only did the OCS email say that Canada Post notified them of the breach, but it went on to say that Canada Post hadn't taken any action about the breach. 

Canada Post has since commented on the incident, saying that only limited delivery information was accessed and they are also confident that the individual responsible didn't share any information outside Canada Post. 

The OCS has released the following update:

7 November 2018

The OCS also recently made a public comment on the data breach, shared via Twitter. In their statement, they say that they take privacy very seriously and that protecting customer information is very important to them. 

The statement goes on to say that all relevant customers have been notified and reiterates what kind of information could have been compromised. The Ontario Cannabis Website was not directly affected. 

Source: Global