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The Ontario SPCA Is Seriously Hiring Cats For This New Job Opening And It's Pretty Amazing

Cats are being hired as mouse hunters across Ontario in the new Ontario SPCA program.
The Ontario SPCA Is Seriously Hiring Cats For This New Job Opening And It's Pretty Amazing

Have you ever wondered how your local street cat can contribute to society? Maybe, maybe not, but the Ontario SPCA has definitely been thinking about it. The Ontario SPCA is now offering jobs to stray cats around Ontario and it’s pretty amazing. With open job slots, cats are welcomed to come and join the new team.

Yes, you read that right. The Ontario SPCA has just created a new program where they are matching stray cats with farms, warehouses, and breweries where they can work as mouse hunters.

The idea behind this new job field is to be able to give stray cats, who usually lack people skills, a stable environment to live and thrive in. Stray cats are known to have amazing vermin-hunting abilities that they can put to good talents to use in farms, warehouses, and breweries that need to get rid of those pesky mice.

The program is to first be piloted out of the Ontario SPCA location in Stouffville and is being based on a similar program that already exists at the Guelph Humane Society since 2015. This Guelph program has placed about 50 cats a year into their new homes, and the Ontario SPCA hopes to achieve the same.

The @OSPCAPEAC is piloting a working cat program in Stouffville, just outside Newmarket. The cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms & fleas, microchipped, & available with no adoption fee. For more info contact workingcats@ospca.on.ca pic.twitter.com/znMhOYkupX

December 30, 2018

Dave Wilson, senior director of shelter health and wellness with the Ontario SPCA, told CBC News that, “We’re looking for a cat who doesn’t like the in-house, on-the-lap lifestyle, who’s a little more adventurous. This would be the ideal situation for them to apply for this job,”.

Not only is this program aimed to give stray cats a new job and home, but is also meant to help cut down on cat overpopulation. Any cat that comes through the Ontario SPCA for this new job will be spayed or neutered in aims to limit the number of cats that are born and then admitted to shelters each and every year.

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These cats will also be vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, and have a microchip all before their first day on the job. There will also be no adoption fee for these cats, since "they will work for food". 

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Now that job applications are out and cats are being hired for the job, the Ontario SPCA is looking for a greater list of farms that these cats can work for.

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Wilson expects the list to dramatically grow over the winter months where more cats will be able to be placed throughout Ontario. This new placement is perfect for the stray cats, as they have a guaranteed shelter, along with food and water.

Farm and warehouse owners also have the perfect new furry employee. These new worker cats are low maintenance, and also help control vermin problems for the low cost of a solid meal.  

Source: CBC