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The Polar Vortex Is Currently Blasting This Canadian Province With Extreme -40°C Temperatures

The polar vortex is currently blasting this Canadian province with -40°C temperatures and it could be coming to the rest of Canada soon.

March is the month where we officially think about springtime and the start of a new season. In fact, the first day of spring comes later this month on March 20, but you wouldn't know it by the weather right now. There is another polar vortex hitting Canada for the first 10 days of March and currently, it's blasting one Canadian province with extreme -40°C temperatures. The unlucky province today is Alberta. 

Across the entire province, Alberta is being slammed by the polar vortex and it means that in some places there, the current temperature is below -40°C. One example is Dapp, Alberta. The small hamlet just over 100 Km north of Edmonton is officially the coldest place in all of Canada this morning, according to Environment Canada. They are sitting at -41°C right now but in the rest of the province it's not much better. 

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In both Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta's major two cities, the temperature currently feels like -37°C. It's still early in the morning and the sun isn't fully risen, but even then, it's not expected to much rise above -30°C there today, especially with the windchills. They are so bad that Environment Canada has even issued weather warnings. 

Currently, in Alberta, every single part of the province is under an extreme cold warning from Environment Canada. Each one warns of the dangerously frigid temperatures. 

Specifically, Environment Canada warns that there is a current period of very cold wind chills in that area with the worst of them being -45°C to -50°C. The windchills will improve slightly this afternoon but then come back again this evening and possibly last all weekend into Monday. 

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Environment Canada is also warning that this extreme cold is incredibly dangerous and that it puts everyone at risk. They advise that you cover up any exposed skin if you are going to be outside since frostbite can form in minutes. 

They also express in their warnings that the extreme cold has created an "an elevated risk to health such as frostbite and hypothermia." 

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The polar vortex is expected to head east across Canada this upcoming week, meaning this extremely frigid weather in Alberta is likely a taste of what we can expect to see in the rest of the country soon.