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"The Price Is Right” Just Failed Hard At Canadian Geography (VIDEO)

The mixup didn't go unnoticed on social media.

Slip-ups happen from time to time, even on TV. Words get misspelled, names get mispronounced - we may be good at our jobs, but at the end of the day, we're still humans who make mistakes. Recently, it was the American game show The Price is Right that was caught slipping. While we can't expect our neighbours to the south to know all of our geography, The Price is Right's Prince George mixup didn't go unnoticed, especially by Canadians.

The Price is Right is known for its enviable prizes, including luxury trips. Last month, the popular show gave away a trip to Prince George, B.C.

However, the winner (and the viewers at home) could've felt misled by the photo that was used to showcase the city's beauty. 

That's because instead of using a picture of Prince George, they used a photo of Lake Louise, Alberta.

The winner of last month's episode, Stephen Witka, was given a six-night stay at the Prestige Treasure Cove Casino Hotel in Prince George, plus limo transportation and a $500 dining credit at the Grand Trunk Tavern. 

When Witka accepted his prize, a huge photo of the iconic lake in Banff National Park went up on the screen. At first, everyone seemed oblivious to the error. However, the good people of the Internet quickly took it upon themselves to point it out.

“I am catching up on my PVR’d Price is Rights from the week, and one guy won a trip to PRINCE GEORGE, BC and in the promo video they showed a photo of LAKE LOUISE. Oh boy, is he ever gonna be disappointed,” said one Twitter user. 

Some people seem more shocked by the fact that a vacation in Prince George, B.C. is even being given out as a prize.

Prince George's Treasure Cove Casino has spoken up about the mishap.

“You might be aware that one of the photos used during the broadcast was very obviously not a Prince George landscape. In fact, it wasn’t even a picture taken in B.C.,” wrote the casino's marketing manager on Facebook. 

This is hardly the first time that a funny and mostly harmless mistake like this has been made. Last month, a local B.C. newspaper made national headlines for a typo that advertised photos with Satan instead of Santa at their local Christmas parade. 

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