Living in Canada we're used to eating foods from tons of different cultures around the world. Canada is such a multi-cultural country which is so amazing because now we all have a taste of all the amazing foods that every culture around the world has to offer! 

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The only thing wrong with this is that we were never taught the proper ways to eat most of these foods, and trust me, you're definitely doing it wrong. (Myself included though). 

We usually just take these foods and eat them in the easiest, most efficient way that we can think of. But the cultures that created these foods have their own rules and efficient ways of eating them. So if you've been eating some of these foods wrong, now's your time to get them right!

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New York Pizza Slice


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Everyone knows the only way to eat a massive, greasy New York pizza slice that's stuffed with toppings is to fold it in half!

Not only does this double the amount of pizza you get in one bite, it also helps hold the toppings and greasiness in so you don't accidentally drop any of that heavenly goodness on the ground!

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Soup Dumplings


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A juicy soup dumpling is packed with so much flavour and yumminess in one bite that you absolutely can't waste one drop of it. The worst mistake people make when eating soup dumplings is to bite it in half while all the soup spills out onto their plate.

How you should actually eat a soup dumpling is place the dumpling on your soup spoon, poking a hole into the dumpling, slurping up the juice and then eating the full dumpling.

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Somehow this new trend of taking off the top off the cupcake, flipping it over and making a cupcake sandwich began and it's honestly genius! We all know the struggle of trying to fit our whole mouth around the top and bottom of the cupcake while simultaneously trying not to get icing all over our faces.

By folding the cupcake in half you can avoid the struggle of getting yourself covered in ice and it's also way easier to eat each bite!

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Sushi Rolls



I personally had no idea that I've been eating sushi wrong this entire time, I honestly feel a little embarrassed.. But the proper way to eat sushi roll is actually with your hands! When you use chopsticks with a sushi roll it completely falls apart and ruins what the amazing chef has created for you.

By eating it with your hands it keeps it intact. You're also not supposed to touch the rice to the soy sauce, it's proper to dip the fish into the sauce and only enough to taste it.

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Eating pho is pretty tricky and can get very messy but it's 100% worth it. The best thing when the weather starts to cool down is a big bowl of pho with all the noodles and veggies! If you're like me you probably have no idea how to properly eat a bowl of pho, you just kind of go at it until you've finished it all.

But the right way to eat it is to eat the noodles first while sipping the broth, using your spoon and chopsticks. Once you've finished the noodles you slurp up the rest of the broth directly from the bowl! Stuffing your face into the bowl is actually encouraged when eating pho!

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Tacos are probably one of the best foods ever, I think we can all agree on that one. The toppings are literally endless and the sauces are so flavourful! One thing everyone should know about tacos though is that hard shell tacos aren't actually Mexican at all.

Down in Mexico you'll only be eating soft shell tacos and the proper way to eat them is to pinch the top/middle of the tacos with your fingers and then eat from the side, never start at the top or in the middle or everything will fall apart!

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Chicken Wings



Those pesky double boned chicken wings are probably the most difficult things to eat. Especially when you get your wings drenched in hot sauce! But GQ posted a video featuring the actor BD Wong showing us all the proper way to eat these chicken wings with no muss and no fuss!

All you have to do is hold the two ends, twist it back and forth until the bone separates then you simply grab one side of the bone and pull it right out! Now it's super easy to eat the entire wing without wasting any meat!

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Ramen is another one of those tricky noodle dishes that a lot of people, including myself, struggle with. Ramen is super delicious though so don't go settling with that crappy instant noodles stuff. It's worth it to go to an authentic ramen restaurant near you and get the good stuff.

The proper way to eat a good bowl of ramen is to pull a bunch of noodles with your chopsticks all the way out of the bowl, then dip the back in to soak up the broth and then slurp them up! Once you're finished the noodles you can slurp up the rest of the broth directly from the bowl.

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Escargot (Snails)


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The French delicacy, escargot, is super unique but actually delicious. The proper way to eat it is to take your small fork and use it to pull the meat from the shell. Then you take the meat and dip it into the sauce provided.

Definitely don't eat a live snail, that is definitely not the right way to go. Also don't eat the shell because that's not edible.

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Okay so as Canadians we all know HOW to eat poutine but it's more a question of whether you're eating the RIGHT poutines. You've got to have the thick cut fries, gravy that doesn't taste like it was watered down, and hearty cheese curds none of that stringy cheese stuff!

If you eat the right kinds of poutine you're going to be satisfied every time!