Thunderstorms, Strong Winds & Heavy Snow Will Hit Quebec This Friday (VIDEO)

The perfect weather to Netflix & chill.
The Quebec Friday Weather : Thunderstorms, Strong Winds & Snow (VIDEO)
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It’s a good time to stay indoors right now as the east coast of Canada is about to get hit with the first thunderstorm of the season. The Quebec Friday weather is calling for rain, thunder, high winds, and even some snow.  

In this video, Jaclyn Whittal, a meteorologist with The Weather Network, goes into detail about tomorrow’s forecast throughout the province.  

She points out which cities are at risk of thunderstorms and winds as strong as 90 km/h.  

She also reports which areas will get up to 25 millimetres of rainfall, which can expect mixed precipitation, and who will see up to 25 centimetres of snow.  

Either way, it looks like it's the perfect weather to Netflix and chill for everyone in Quebec tomorrow. 

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Jade Woo-Giroux
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