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A Surprising Number Of NHL Players Actually Started Out As RCMP Officers

One even played for the Leafs and won two Stanley Cups.
A Surprising Number Of NHL Players Actually Started Out As RCMP Officers

The RCMP just took Canadians on a time machine joy-ride after sharing some very old pictures that will get you in the Canadian spirit.

The photos in question consist of Canadian officers turned NHL players, shared just in time for the highly anticipated hockey season.

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Four former members of the police force were highlighted on the RCMP's Facebook page in an in-depth blast from the past, starting with Lorne Edward Chabot of Quebec.

Chabot joined the police force in 1919 but later made the switch to the ice and would play for the New York Rangers, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens, among others; he even won two Stanley Cups.

Ottawan Hockey Hall of Famer François Boucher also joined the police force in 1919 and was stationed in Alberta.

However, it wasn't until he caught the attention of the Ottawa Senators that he was relieved of his duties and played in the 1921-22 season; he would later play 14 seasons in the NHL with the Rangers and win two Stanley Cups.  

Torontonian Frederick Lionel Hitchman joined the force in 1921 but would leave to play for the Senators, playing three and a half seasons, winning a Stanley Cup, and going on to play for the Boston Bruins in 1925.*

Walter Lawrence "Gus" Kyle of Saskatchewan joined the RCMP in 1942, played for a local team in New Brunswick, and would sign with the Rangers in their 1949-50 season before moving on with the Bruins in 1951.*

*Editor's note: This article has been updated.

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