Police are meant to serve and protect the public from harm, but according to a new lawsuit that’s being launched against the RCMP the force had trouble protecting its own members.

Canada’s most recognizable police force is facing a massive legal issue in the form of a $1.1 billion dollar lawsuit from former members of the force.

So what allegedly happened that’s worth over a billion dollar lawsuit against a Canadian icon? 

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Two members who are leading the lawsuit allege that there was "systematic bullying, intimidation and harassment" within the force. This is also a class action lawsuit which seeks compensation for tens of thousands of former employees of the police force.

None of the allegations have been proven in court yet and neither the RCMP or government of Canada have responded to the lawsuit. 

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Staff Sgt. Geoffrey Greenwood is one of the two leading the lawsuit, one incident he alleges took place happened back in 2008 when he tried to report that some of his fellow officers were taking bribes.

Greenwood tells CBC News that he was villainized for speaking out.  “[The] manager wanted to bury that issue. And for me, that is not in my fibre," said Greenwood. 

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The lawsuit is looking to seek compensation for damages related to loss of income due to lost promotions, early retirements and losses to pensions.

It also seeks $100 million in punitive damages and an additional $30 million to compensate family members of RCMP employees adversely affected. 

Source: CBC