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The Real-Life Partners Of "This Is Us" Cast Revealed

Who is the real Jack to their Rebecca?
The Real-Life Partners Of "This Is Us" Cast Revealed

I'm sure while watching This Is Usyou've really wondered how they all have such amazing chemistry with their partners on the show. Well, I can tell you that it has a lot to do with their partners in real life. You see, when you feel love, you want to give love. Or the producers/casting directors just got SUPER lucky with this cast. Either way, it totally works out. 

Unfortunately, none of the people in the show are dating each other in real life. But honestly, it's a blessing in disguise because that can get messy real fast. Just think about Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray. You feel me? This Is Us is one of the most talked about shows of all time and for good reasons. So let's go behind the scenes of their actual lives and see who their real-life partners are. 

Justin Hartley (Present Day Kevin)

Justin Hartley, who I can truly say has won the hearts of people around the world, has definitely stolen the heart of one lucky lady. Justin Hartley plays present day Kevin who deals with a lot of things from addiction, to his job, to his family life. But in real life, he is all about family. He started dating Chrishell Stause back in 2014, and they became engaged in 2016 to marry in 2017. They do not have any children together (yet), but he has a beautiful 14-year-old daughter from his previous marriage to his Passions costar, Lindsay Korman. 

Mandy Moore (Past and Present Day Rebecca)

I know what you're thinking. "Wait. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia aren't dating in real life?!?! How do they have so much chemistry?!" I hate to tell you, but that chemistry is allll for the show. Mandy Moore is in a very loving and committed relationship, as she is engaged to singer Taylor Goldsmith. She has been married before to another musician, Ryan Adams, but they finalized their divorce in 2016. While she doesn't have any kids of her own, she definitely has a lot of practice with the younger kids on the show. 

Sterling K. Brown (Present Day Randall)

Can you picture Randall with anyone other than Beth? Well, like Randall and Beth in the show, Sterling K. Brown and his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe met in college. The two lovebirds got married in 2007 and they have two sons. His wife has had small parts in TV shows but has supported him on every red carpet imaginable. We love a supportive couple.

Chris Sullivan (Toby)

What a badass couple! Toby, who is known for his strong and hilarious relationship with Kate, is married to Rachel Sullivan, who is a short-film producer. They've been married for seven years, and I mean just look at their style!!!! If Chris Sullivan is anything like Toby in real life, then Rachel is a very lucky girl. 

Milo Ventimiglia (Past Jack)

Bad news for all of us Jack Pearson lovers. Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack in the show, is not currently flying solo (get it? because the picture above is him on a plane ... ). Anyways. He's had a few famous relationships in his career from dating his Gilmore Girls co-star Alexis Bledel for four years and then his Heroes costar Hayden Panettiere for two years. Other than that, he's basically kept his private life private and has not shared his love life since. However, he brought a date to the 2017 Emmys and they're apparently still going strong. The lucky girl's name is Kelly Egarian and they've apparently been together since 2016. But who knows with this guy! 

@MiloVentimiglia and his beautiful girlfriend Kelly Egarian at the EMMYS!

September 19, 2017

Susan Kelechi Watson (Present Day Beth)

Ahhh, Beth. The sweetest soul. A fan favorite. She's just the best mom, wife, friend, etc. Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown have undeniable chemistry on screen that it's actually surprising they're not dating in real life. As of right now, Susan keeps her private life private and doesn't talk about her dating life. From her Instagram, it seems as though she is single but she could also be in a serious relationship. Remember, people, social media doesn't show everything!

Chrissy Metz (Present Day Kate) 

Chrissy Metz really does hold This Is Us together. Her character, Kate, really struggles with her body image as well as other things that come along with being overweight, and it's all so raw that you feel like you're experiencing everything with her. She's a completely open book on the show, but in real life, it's a different story. Chrissy has been married before to a British journalist named Martyn Eaden but they divorced in 2015. She went on to date a This Is Us cameraman named Josh Stancil which unfortunately didn't work out. However, she just admitted this week that she was dating someone new who wasn't a celebrity. Go Chrissy!

Jon Huertas (Past And Present Day Miguel)

Jon Huertas may be the most hated but also kind of liked man around the world. And for one reason: people think he stole Rebecca from Jack. Let's lay it all out there, friends: No he didn't!!!!! I think the world is starting to warm up to Miguel, who he plays in This Is Us. In real life, he is a very committed man as he married his longtime girlfriend back in 2014. They don't have any kids together as well. 

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