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The Reason Kate Middleton Doesn't Like Meghan Markle Was Just Revealed And It's Super Petty

News of the drama between the two came out in November.
The Reason Kate Middleton Doesn't Like Meghan Markle Was Just Revealed And It's Super Petty

Sibling rivalry is a common thing, but Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have drama that is a little bit more than that. It came out in November that there was a ton of tension between The Royal Family, as Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan were not getting along. This meant that Prince Harry and Prince William were also not getting along, and the whole family wasn't seeing eye to eye. This was super hard on everyone, but especially The Queen. 

The Queen was actually so fed up with the dramashe made Kate and Meghan sit down and sort it out. And Prince Charles made Prince William try a little bit harder with his brother and sister-in-law, which led to their family to inviting them to Christmas. On Christmas, the whole Royal Family was seen laughing and smiling, especially Kate and Meghan. And that was all thanks to The Queen. 

While a few hints have been given on why the Royal Family wasn't getting along, it was never really revealed why Kate had a problem with Meghan. Prince William was not happy about Prince Harry and Meghan moving to Windsor, and Prince Harry also felt his brother didn't welcome Meghan with open arms. Despite the fact that Meghan and Kate have nothing in common, Kate has another reason she didn't like Meghan. 

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Us Weekly revealed that Duchess Kate didn't like Duchess Meghan because she felt as though, "Meghan used Kate to climb the royal ladder". She actually opened up to Meghan about this when The Queen made them sit down and make up. And Meghan told Kate that she had felt snubbed by her, and not given the time of day. 

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While we understand both sides of the story, it kind of does sound petty. Kate and Meghan weren't exactly seen out together one on one much, so I'm not sure how she could use her to climb the royal ladder. We obviously don't know what goes on at Kensington Palace behind doors, but hopefully with The Queens help, this was all put to rest.