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The Royal Family Made Meghan Markle Go Through Terror Training And It Sounds Horrifying AF

The Princess Diaries did not prepare us for this.
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The Royal Family Made Meghan Markle Go Through Terror Training And It Sounds Horrifying AF

Wow, it's not all teasand crumpets when it comes to joining the Royal family. We know that when you're marrying into the Royals that you have to undergo formal etiquette training and buy a completely new wardrobe. Well, at least, that's what The Princess Diaries and What A Girl Wants taught me. Regardless, in real-life, Meghan Markle had to do much more than that, she had to endure "terror training". 

The Suits actress was doing her royal duties when she agreed to undergo a two-day terror training course in the UK. The super intense training is designed to prepare Markle for a variety of "worst-case emergency scenarios". It already sounds terrifying.

The training is run byBritain's Special Air Service (SAS), so you know it's no joke. One of the scenarios Markle had to endure was a "kidnap and rescue" situation. Just wait for it, during this scenario, they used LIVE AMMUNITION while rescuing Markle from a staged kidnapping. Talk about terrifying. The SAS said that needed to use live ammunition so that Markle would be able to recognize the sound of actual gunfire if she were ever in a real hostage situation.

According to reports, in the training, she would also be taught outdoor survival skills if she were ever in a "life or death scenario in the wilderness". Gerald Moor, a former senior Army intelligence officer, admitted that Markle probably found the experience "physically and psychologically gruelling". Another SAS officer claimed that the training is literally designed "to frighten the life out of anyone".

We can't imagine how scarring the experience must have been for Markle. Reportedly, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton completed the training and so did Princess Diana. According to reports, Diana's experience was especially terrifying considering her's resulted in an accidental fire after a flashbang grenade exploded. Yeah, the Royals don't joke around when it comes to terror training.

Even though Markle isunder 24-hour protection from the Royal family's security, she needed to have some terror training just in case. Their upcoming wedding is going to be one of the most highly secured events of all time.

Source: Global News 

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