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The Search For The 2 BC Murder Suspects Continues Underwater In Manitoba

RCMP found a rowboat that may be connected to the two.

After a rowboat was discovered on the Nelson river in northern Manitoba, RCMP sent out an underwater recovery team the night of Saturday, Aug. 3 in the manhunt for the two B.C. teens wanted for three murders in northern British Columbia. Detectives suspect they may have used the boat to evade authorities.

Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, have been missing for almost two weeks after being named suspects on July 23 in the double murder of a 23-year-old Australian, Lucas Fowler and a 24-year-old American, Chynna Deese. On July 25, the teens were charged for second-degree murder for the death of Canadian Leonard Dyck. 

For a good chunk of time in these past couple of weeks, McLeod and Schmegelsky have been the focus of an intense nationwide manhunt which has led police to Gillam, Manitoba. The Globe and Mail reports the boat was found north of Gillam about 13 kilometers from the spot where police discovered a Toyota Rav4 burning in a ditch, suspected to have been driven by the teens.

Nothing significant was found near the boat, except for a red and white water jug. Inspector Leon Fiedler told The Globe and Mail that it's not clear whether the green-coloured boat was used by the two suspects.

"It had gone through some rapids and had been significantly damaged," Fiedler explained. "We’re going to search in the area around where we found this boat just to make sure that there is nobody attached to it, whether that is our subjects or anyone else for that matter."

Fiedler continued, "My expectation is that they’ll probably want to go on the river first to assess even the viability of diving, because the currents on that river are pretty treacherous."

From their news release, Manitoba RCMP expects that divers will begin to search the relevant section of the Nelson river on Sunday, August 4. Police have described the duo as armed and dangerous. Anyone who spots them should call 911 immediately and should not approach them.