Stretching over a narrow 546 feet in the backwoods of East Texas, rests one of the longest footbridges in the nation, the Rusk Footbridge, doing its thing. Up until May, it had been the longest footbridge in the US. Now, it is only second to the SkyBridge in Tennessee that opened last month. You can take the title away from Rusk, but you can't take the history!

What is now a rustic beauty once served as a main path through neighborhoods and a way of getting into town safely during rainy days before the modern streets were built. It was constructed in 1881 and restored in 1891 and again the 1960s.

Engineer T.H. Barnes took on the venture of the first restoration—which freightened residents. This was their beloved, claim-to-fame after all. But he kept the bridge's intergrity and it stands stronger than ever today.

It's as green as ever in the summer and the trees provide the perfect amount of shade from the grueling sun.

A creek runs through the path, creating tranquil naturesque music—especially when the birds decide to come out and sing along.

This wonder is nestled in the woods of the unassuming town of Rusk, TX. Like a scene straight out of Once Upon A Time, Rusk offers up lots of hidden history. You can even take a 50-mile train ride on a railroad that's over 130 years old from here and lavish in all of Texas' natural glory. You can view their booking calender here.

The footbridge is the perfect spot for nature-inspiring photos, a mind-clearing walk, or a picnic.

Rusk Footbridge

Price: Free

Address: E 5th Street, Rusk, TX 75785

Why you should go: It's full of rich history and this entire town will transport you back in time!