An Ontario Family Perfected A Quarantine Version Of 'The Simpsons' Intro (VIDEO)

'The Simpsons' but isolation-style!
The Simpsons Intro Gets A Social Distancing Makeover From One Ontario Family

"I will social distance, I will social distance!" Now write it out 100 times. In terms of killing time at home creatively right now, one Ontario family has us all beaten. They decided to let their imaginations run wild and recreate the iconic The Simpsons intro, social distancing style.

Canadian author Joel Sutherland, along with his wife and three kids are definitely feeling the effects of social distancing and staying home.

As their kids aren't able to go to school or participate in any activities, the family decided to take a creative approach and put to use their old Halloween costumes.

"Honestly, this is a stressful time and we are trying to shield our children from it as best we can. But we cannot hide the fact that we can't see our family, or go to school and activities or go to the park, even," Sutherland told Narcity by email.

"Since we have an abyss of time on the weekends, and we were the Simpsons for Halloween one year, the idea to keep our kids busy with a 'special' project just sort of came to us."

The video, which turned the original Simpsons intro into a more relatable reality the world is dealing with, has been widely shared since it was originally posted on April 8.

And Sutherland explains the special project turned into a two-weekend design and shoot before it took a day to edit and upload the clip.

"It took us two weekends to design the shot list and shoot (and honestly, it wasn't full days. We are still quarantine lazy), plus one evening to edit. I shared the video this morning at 8:30 a.m. (on Wednesday)," he said.

The video was shared onto Twitter and already has over nine thousand likes through its original post.

And it's even caught the eye of the official The Simpsons account as they commented and retweeted the video.

"Quarantine creativity level 100," reads the tweet.

As for making any similar videos, Sutherland shares that although it seems like we're still in for a few more weeks of social isolation, he can't make any promises.

"Well, I am still working (from home) and doing my second job of writing children's books, BUT we always do a family costume for Halloween and we are probably still looking at quite a few weekends in social isolation, so you never know..." he teased.

"I doubt it will be as popular as The Simpsons though."

He might be right there.

Ay, caramba!

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