Singer Kelsy Karter made headlines this week when she shared a photo of her Harry Styles face tattoo on Instagram. The internet went NUTS. No one could believe someone—even the most dedicated stan—would actually get Harry Styles' face tattooed on their face. And, as it turned out, no one would do such a thing. Kelsy Karter's stunt was actually a big, fat, genius hoax. 

Last night, Karter uploaded a video to YouTube called How I rocked the entire world for $300. In it, she revealed how she pulled off the prank and, more importantly, why she decided to do it. As of midafternoon on Friday, the video has nearly 70,000 views. The comments are a pretty even split of people condemning her for "using" Harry and others calling the move "ingenious."

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I fall into the latter camp. Kelsy Karter did just want we want our entertainers to do. She entertained us. Ozzy Ozbourne bit off a bat's head. Britney Spears and Madonna kissed at the VMAs. Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke. I'm not here to debate the societal merits of these actions, but you're lying if you say you don't remember them happening. Like many an entertainer before her, Kelsy Karter took a chance on what she thought might get our attention, and it worked.

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Fortune favours the bold. Kelsy Karter has two things. She has talent, and she has balls. Her Harry Style song totally bangs, and she knew no one would ever hear it if didn't take matters into her own hands. That's a #bossbitch move if I've ever seen one. Kudos to Kelsy for recognizing the power of the internet and harnessing it. If a singing career doesn't work out for her, I'm sure there's plenty of marketing agencies who would be ecstatic to scoop her up. 

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