There Is A Meteor Shower Over Canada Tonight & You Might See A Fireball

You have to be patient, though.
There Is A Meteor Shower Over Canada Tonight & You Might See A Fireball

Anyone who is interested in astronomy and a celestial light show has another opportunity to witness something incredible. The Southern Taurid Meteor Shower in Canada will be visible in the night sky on October 10, and while it may not be quite as impressive as other celestial events, it can still deliver some great sights!

The Southern Taurids become visible to Earth observers as the planet passes through a stream of debris (this is a yearly occurrence). The Southern Taurid Meteor shower is active from late September to late November, but it will reach peak visibility on October 10.

Unlike the Perseid Meteor shower, which took place earlier this year, amateur astronomists watching the Southern Taurids Meteor Shower should expect to only see about five meteors per hour. While that doesn't sound like very much, the quality of these sightings more than makes up for the quantity.

That's due to the fact that the Taurids meteors pass through the stream of debris mentioned previously, creating fireballs. So while this meteor shower may require a touch more patience when being viewed, it will definitely pay off with brighter meteors flying through the night sky.

The best time to see the meteor shower is sometime after midnight. However, some of the smaller and dimmer meteors might be washed out by the light from the full moon.

The further south you are, the more visible the shower is, but Canadians can still expect to see at least a few fireballs under optimal viewing conditions.

The next major celestial event that Canadians can witness will take place on November 11, when Mercury makes a transit between the Earth and the sun. To see this happen, you would need a telescope with a special solar filter, but the sight is worth it, considering that it only happens every three years!

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