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The 43rd Canadian parliament convened today, and a new speaker of the house was chosen. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Opposition leader Andrew Scheer may be political rivals, they both happily participated in the tradition of dragging the new speaker of the house of commons. No, it's not a roast, they literally dragged him. 

Anthony Rota, a Liberal MP, was named the new speaker of the house following the standard secret ballot. He replaces previous speaker, Geoff Regan (also a Liberal MP).

As per a weird political tradition during the ceremony, Rota was grabbed on either side by Trudeau and Scheer and playfully dragged to his seat. 

Video taken inside the House of Commons shows the two opposing leaders, who have had their differences lately, smiling and laughing together as they take part in the comedic tradition.

Dragging the speaker of the house to his chair is a ceremony that dates back centuries to the British parliament. The speaker's job was to share parliamentary opinions with the Monarch. If the monarch didn't like those opinions, well, it was off with the speaker's head.

Because of this, being speaker of the house was not a job that most people wanted, and had to be forced into.

Canadian parliament carries on the tradition, and after an election where both Scheer and Trudeau were heavy on criticizing each other, it's nice to see the two of them getting along to carry out the tradition.

Even Rota couldn't help but smile and laugh during the whole thing. Of course, the threat of death by monarchy isn't much of a risk for him anymore.

"Our colleague, Anthony Rota, is widely recognized and respected as a skilled Parliamentarian," Trudeau wrote in an official statement.

"With today’s vote, Members of Parliament have shown every confidence in his ability to oversee the House of Commons in a fair and impartial manner."

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