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The Spice Girls Are Announcing A 2019 Reunion Tour But There Are A Few Heartbreaking Catches

When TMZ announced 8 months ago that the Spice Girls would be coming back for a reunion tour, a lot of fans were skeptical. Considering that Spice Girls reunions have found their way through the rumour mill before, many just weren't convinced that their favourite girl band was going to be coming back to the stage together anytime soon. 

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Though instead, it looks as if the Spice Girls will, in fact, be going on a reunion tour in 2019. Meaning you'll be able to hear your favourite songs from "Wannabe" to "Say You'll Be There" live for the first time in ages. Unfortunately, there are a few catches that are going to break some hearts. 

According to CTV News, the announcement of the tour is set to happen this upcoming Monday and will consist of a pre-recorded message by the girls themselves announcing the reunion. Unfortunately, there is going to be one less spice girl in that video and you can probably already guess who that's going to be. 

That's right, Posh Spice will reportedly not be joining her fellow girls on stage for the tour but 4/5 is better than nothing right? Of course, we can't really blame Victoria Beckham for not wanting to get back on stage considering the mother of 4 is running an extremely successful clothing line and is coming off of several successful collaborations with beauty giant, Esteé Lauder. Though the bad news doesn't end there at least for fans who don't live in the U.K. 

As of now it's been heavily speculated that the tour is going to be a stadium tour in the U.K only, leaving Americans, Canadians and every other Spice Girl fan across the globe out to dry. Unless you are willing to buy a plane ticket, you'll have to tune in via your computer or phone for the concerts. 

Regardless, the idea that the Spice Girls will be performing together for the first time since their short reunion for the 2012 Olympics in London is an exciting concept. While we'll have to wait until Monday to see if an announcement really is put out into the world by the girls themselves, we have to say, these are the most legitimate the rumours have ever looked. 

Source: CTV News

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