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The Spice Girls Reunion Tour Just Got Confirmed And We Are Freaking TF Out

It feels like every couple years we hear the same rumour "the Spice Girls are doing a reunion tour!" and suddenly the entire world collectively freaks out before learning that it was just gossip based on zero evidence. Though this past year the rumours have lasted longer than ever and for good reason considering the girls were seen actually hanging out publicly for the first time in a while.

While they were photographed together recently, there was still zero information on why they were hanging out and if it had anything to do with an actual reunion on stage... until now.

Sources from TMZ uncovered that the girls all met together with their former manager in an effort to create a rough plan for a world tour that would be starting late this Summer. No- we are not joking right now and yes you can pinch yourself to make sure this is not a dream.

Ofcourse fans of the iconic group knew that basically everyone in the band had been down for a reunion except for Victoria, presumably because she's found success through her fashion and makeup collections. Though Victoria has apparently come around to the idea and now all of the girls are completely on board!

As of right now, the planned dates are for the U.S and UK only. However don't get too disappointed yet, Canada and other countries are typically left out of the initial planning for most bands. It is still quite likely that we will see some Canadian dates once they release their official lineup.

While the tour is still in the early stages, sources have confirmed that it will indeed be happening, so start saving your coin because the tickets definitely will not be cheap!

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