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The Utah Desert Is Home To Sun Tunnels That Bring The Cosmos To Your Fingertips

A cosmic masterpiece in the desert.
The Sun Tunnels In Utah Bring The Day & Night Sky Closer To Earth

If you wish you could bring the cosmos a little closer, this remote spot is what dreams are made of. The Sun Tunnels in Utah bring the day and night sky closer to Earth. The tunnels line up to match the sun's rise and descent during the summer and winter solstices, and you can visit them for the ultimate dreamy space adventure.

Even if you're not a big follower of all things cosmic, these impressive art pieces will draw you into a mystical world of galactic proportions.

The Sun Tunnels in Utah are an art installation created by Nancy Holt. They coincide with different cosmic movements, including the winter and summer solstice.

You can also explore the smaller holes in the 'ceiling' of the tunnels, which depict the constellations Draco, Capricorn, Perseus, and Columba.

The concrete structures are meant to display the constant changes of light and darkness across their surfaces, and also act as 'lenses' for specific frames of the sun during the day.

Holt created the tunnels as a way to encompass the vastness of the desert and make it more accessible for those wanting to explore it.

Since 1976, the tunnels have let visitors wander their small cylinders as the sun casts different shadows throughout its ascent and descent across the blue skies.

The tunnels are positioned in an X shape and are nine-feet tall and 18-feet long. 

The dazzling streams of light dance across the concrete tubes, making the whole place seem like a dreamscape where space and the Earth collide as one.

You can reach the tunnels by taking 1-80 West towards Wendover, then take exit 378. Take a right for NV-233 and follow it for 20-miles.

For eleven miles, follow NV-233 to UT-30, and look for Lucin (around eight miles beyond the state line). Take Grouse Creek Road five miles, bear right for two miles, and turn left at Little Pigeon Road.

The remote and peaceful area adds to the dreamy cosmic effect of the tunnels, perfect for an adventure out of the ordinary.

Sun Tunnels

Price: Free

Address: Grouse Creek, UT

Why You Need To Go: These dreamy sun tunnels line up like a viewfinder during the winter and summer solstices and depict cosmic constellations.


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