It's the final stretch for this TV family that has been building bonds for the past fifteen years. The Supernatural cast has resumed filming in Vancouver after their holiday break, and the return was bittersweet. There are only two more months left of production for the hit CW show, and the actors are already starting to get emotional. 

The shows stars, Jared Padalecki, Jenson Ackles, and Misha Collins are making sure that fans are coming along for their final ride by posting updates on their Instagram. 

Padalecki was even able to make fans emotional by sharing a photo of his facial hair.

Over the years, the 37-year-old actor has had an ongoing joke with fans about the holiday beard he grows over filming hiatuses that he's forced to cut when back on set. 

Earlier this week he showed fans the final before and after pictures while prepping to become Sam Winchester again, "Farewell final holiday beard. You’ve been a close friend these last 15 years... (like, REALLY close... in all honesty, you’re right up in my face sometimes). Hello Sam Winchester.Take us home."

Fans got nostalgic in the comments saying things like, "i'm crying at how this may be the last one forever" and "'final' i can’t take this."

Collins was also generous this week on his first day back. He shared a photo of Ackles looking somber next to a sign that the cast and crew are using to count down to the end of Supernatural, "Only 60 days of filming left after 15 years and SOMEONE is having a hard time keeping it together."

Season 15 hasn't been the smoothest run for the fantasy show. Back in October, Padalecki was arrested and charged with assault after getting into a fight outside of an Austin bar. 

The mishap pushed production back a few days, but later that week the actor was able to return to set in Vancouver. However, it was to a very smug Ackles who arranged an entire prank based on the misdemeanour. 

For viewers, the second half of season 15 will continue airing starting January 16 and is expected to wrap up sometime in mid-April.