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This Super Cool Dessert Shop In Atlanta Will Make You Feel Like You're In Hong Kong

One of the best things about growing up (outside of happy hours and Taco Tuesdays) is being able to eat ice cream literally whenever you want. When you were younger, you maybe got a scoop here and there, but now as a fully sometimes functioning adult, we want to create all of our  dream ice cream combinations and concoctions. Sometimes we wonder what ice cream combos may taste like in other places. If you haven't tried Sweet Spot in Atlanta, you're definitely missing out on a full experience. This cool, neon-lit shop will make you feel like you hopped a plane to Asia to experience authentic ice cream goals.

Sweet Spot in Atlanta has traditional Chinese lettering and Asian-inspired art covering the walls to really set the mood for the treats. The shop is loved by all ages, but you're most likely to see teens and young adults in the shop purely for the aesthetics and of course, the goodies. The shop prides themselves on remixing traditional Asian desserts with modern twists and takes.

Whether you've visited Chinese for family or friends or simply love Asian culture, you'll totally be sucked into the atmosphere this place sets up. 

They serve eight types of ice cream a la carte style allowing you to stack as much as you want with over 20 options of fruit, candy, cereal (Fruit Loops is always a winner) and tasty drizzles. You can house your ice cream in a bowl or a fluffy, much-suggested bubble waffle. Yum.

They also serve bubble teas, mochi balls (nine flavors including Thai Tea, Macha, Passion Fruit and Lychee) and 18 hand-crafted gourmet ice pops flavors if you want to dessert on the go. 

For an added dose of cultural sweetness, the tiny shop offers Hong Kong style milkshakes called "fleecy." They have seven flavors owhich can be topped with boboa bubbles, ice cream or cheese foam. Hey, don't knock it until you try it. 

There's so many fun options and all of them are must-trys for a fun cultural Asian experience. If you need a few more places to try and explore, we've create the perfect dessert list for you to try for the rest of the summer and beyond. 

Sweet Spot Dessert ATL 

Price: $3.49-$7.99

Address: 6035 Peachtree Road, A-115, Doraville, GA 30360

Why you should go: You can experience traditional Asian-inspired desserts with modern twists.