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The Theme For Next Season's American Horror Story Was Just Leaked

We're so excited!
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The Theme For Next Season's American Horror Story Was Just Leaked

During the off-season, fans of American Horror Story scour the internet anticipating the release of next season's theme. The cult favourite show has gone through seven themes already. We've seen everything from Asylum, Coven, Freak Show to Cult. Fans weren't sure what would be next.

Well, it seems that one of the producers of American Horror Story accidentally spilt the beans on season eight's new theme! According to The Daily Star, the production company behind AHS recently trademarked the title... American Horror Story: Radioactive

Wow! This is so exciting! What does this mean? Fans are already speculating that this may be set in a place that's affected by radioactive waste, like the famous town, Chernobyl. We can't wait to see what creepy characters will come out of this new season.

Producer, Ryan Murphy revealed to fans earlier this year that he wants the next season of AHS to take place in the future. So, this next season may even have some sci-fi elements thrown in. Maybe it will take place in a dystopic future after a radioactive disaster?

Either way, we can't wait to see what American Horror Story: Radioactive has in store for us. 

Source: Daily Star

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