If you somehow managed to avoid the internet completely yesterday and did not see a video of a woman in Langley B.C. take a poop in the middle of a Tim Hortons and then pick it up and throw it then congratulations to you for not witnessing some seriously disgusting internet content. 

The rest of us are still trying to comprehend what exactly we watched. 

Well the woman was caught and we’re learning exactly why someone would do such a thing in a public place.  

Via Michael Dempster

According to a spokesperson for Tim Hortons it seems the woman was denied access to the washroom. 

“Our current understanding is that the team member used their discretion in this case and denied access to this guest based on past behaviour and out of concern for the immediate safety of team members and guests in the restaurant,” the company said. 

“In limited cases across the country, restaurants have a restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well-being of our guests,” they said.   

Via Michael Dempster

Tim Horton’s also says that it is, “deeply concerned by this video.” 

The woman was picked up by the RCMP but has been released from custody and will appear on court at a later date.  

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Tim Hortons says it will be working with the owner of the restaurant to help look into the whole situation. 

If you haven’t seen the video and just can’t live without it you can see it below.  

Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised though.  

Source: Global News