The RCMP annouced today that charges had been laid in relation to the Humboldt Bronco's bus crash on April 6. 

The truck driver, 29-year old Jaskirat Sidhu from Calgary is facing 29 charges and is currently in RCMP custody. 

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The charges against him are 16 counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death and 13 counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing serious bodily injury.

The tragic accident claimed the lives of 16 people on the bus and injured 13 more. 

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RCMP announced that since this is an active trial, they can't reveal a lot about the evidence but have analyzed everything about the crash including speed and position of the vehicles, weather conditions, and witness statements. 

According to RCMP, the families of the victims were informed of the charges earlier today. 

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Jaskarit Sidhu will appear in for the first time in a Saskatchewan court next week, however, details of that appearance have not yet been finalized. 

According to the Canadian Criminal code, the minimum penalty for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle is 10 years for causing injury and 14 years for causing death.