The two Canadian men arrested in one of Canada's first polygamy case have been officially sentenced. 

Winston Blackmore and James Oler were both convicted for having multiple wives and were both sentenced to house arrest, followed by one year of probation, and community service.  

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Blackmore, who was found guilty of having two dozen wives received a more severe sentence of six months house arrest and 150 community service hours. Oler, who had 5 wives is under three months house arrest and 75 community service hours. 

The men are both permitted to leave their houses but only for work and in medical situations or emergencies. 

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The two men belong to a polygamist sect in Bountiful, BC. The small community is part of a Mormon religion that believes in polygamy or plural marriage. Blackmore and Oler both were the leaders of the community and church. 

Bountiful is a small town with only about 1000 residents, which are believed to be descended from only a dozen men. The town has come under scrutiny in the past after allegations of abuse in the community. 

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The prosecutor in the case had originally asked for three-six months jail time for Blackmore and one-three months for Oler. Ironic really, because the sentence allows then men to spend ample time with their various wives as a form of punishment - the thing that landed them in hot water in the first place. 

While it's unknown if the men's wives are removed from the home they are required to stay in, it doesn't seem to be much of a sentence at all. 

Source: National Post