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The Ultimate List Of The Wildest Record-Breaking Recent Drug Busts By Canadian Police

Some busts of 2018 have been record-breaking and others are just plain weird.

With the devastating opioid crisis in North America, it's no secret that police are cracking down on drugs like never before. Canada has seen its fair share of crazy drug busts over the decades and 2018 has been no different.

Canadian police have had some record-breaking busts this year as well as some just plain odd ones. From almost-legal marijuana to deadly carfentanyl, check out this list of the nine craziest Canadian drug busts of this year.

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1. 81 kilos of cocaine seized in a Quebec port

The RCMP made a very rare drug bust in Quebec just last week. The Port of Valleyfield, west of Montreal, sees 115 vessels dock there per year. Typically, the port specializes in handling raw materials, however, on September 15, a whopping 81 kilos was found on a vessel from Guayana.

Police said the drugs were found in bags hidden in a part of the ship that was difficult to access. Firefighters had to be called in to help with the retrieval.

Two men - one from Toronto and the other from the Philippines - arrested after RCMP and CBSA find 81 kilos of cocaine on a ship docked at the Port of Valleyfield. Ship was bringing bauxite from Guyana. https://t.co/sfaV96Csfx

September 18, 2018

2. $800,00 of fake heroin seized in Edmonton

Police in Edmonton shut down a drug lab operating out of a home in the city. Inside the lab, fentanyl was being processed to look like heroin. More than two kilograms of processed fentanyl was seized, which, if sold as heroin, had an estimated value of $800,000.

Police said this was the first time they had ever busted a lab specifically set up to produce fentanyl that would be sold under such false pretenses.

$1M drug lab producing fentanyl to look like heroin busted in southeast Edmonton https://t.co/Onh7fqkgYv #yeg

August 16, 2018

3. Biggest traffic-stop marijuana bust in Canada since 2015

This past July, a routine traffic stop in Manitoba ended up being the largest pot bust Canada has seen in over three years. A man driving a commercial tractor-trailer headed for southern Ontario was caught with 925 pounds of vacuum-packaged marijuana. He also had 75 pounds of cannabis shatter, oils, and edibles hidden among a legitimate load of food products.

A routine highway checkstop in Manitoba has resulted in what police say is the largest marijuana drug bust through a traffic stop in Canada in three years https://t.co/hjEIIpsz0l pic.twitter.com/ZqdSRPsztz

July 27, 2018

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4. Drug smörgåsbord bust in Saskatchewan

After obtaining a search warrant for a Saskatoon apartment, Saskatchewan police seized an insane array of illegal drugs. Four men and one woman ranging in ages from 30 to 62 were busted with 21kg of methamphetamine, 4,400 Fentanyl pills, over 2,400 grams of powdered cocaine, as well as significant amounts of crack cocaine, hash, marijuana, and heroin.

Drug bust a win for public safety, says Saskatoon police https://t.co/UKWFZt8hmn pic.twitter.com/RqZSNgsWj6

June 8, 2018

5. Nosey neighbours lead to BC bust

After noticing some suspicious activity at a local home, people in the area of Guildford, BC decided to report it to the police. Their hunches were clearly on point.

After obtaining a search warrant for the home, cops seized 50,000 doses of suspected methamphetamine, 2,600 doses of suspected heroin, 600 doses of suspected marijuana, and 250 doses of suspected cocaine.

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6. $3.2 million of carfentanil seized in Edmonton

Carfentanil is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid that is 100 times more toxic than fentanyl and 5,000 more potent than heroin. Given its toxicity, ingesting even trace amounts can be lethal.

A record amount of $3.2 million of this highly illegal drug was seized at a residence in Edmonton back in January. Police say it was likely destined for street-level distribution.

Edmonton police seize $3.2M in carfentanil from 1 house https://t.co/fXWTcKR29b

February 4, 2018

7. Over 9 kilos of cocaine found at Toronto airport

Border services officers searched a flight arriving at Toronto from the Dominican Republic. Inside the plane's bathroom, officers found eight brick-shaped objects. The objects were later tested and proved positive for suspected cocaine. In total, over nine kilograms of suspected cocaine was seized.

CBSA finds suspected cocaine in airplane lavatory: https://t.co/BQ3Id0VQGC pic.twitter.com/xO5490XI4u

January 3, 2018

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8. One kilogram of cocaine found in a parcel containing golf clubs

The RCMP seized more than one kilo of suspected cocaine after examining an international parcel originating from Aruba. Inside the parcel which was headed to Kitchener, Ontario was a golf bag and a set of golf clubs. Testing later proved the parcel was positive for suspected cocaine.

“Is that a kilo of coke in your 7-iron, or are you just pleased to see me?…” Airport drugs bust after cocaine found in golf clubs… ✈️❄️💊❄️💊❄️💊👀🚔🚔🚔😮⬇️⬇️⬇️https://t.co/hNHdn1WKwI #drugs #yougivegolfabadname pic.twitter.com/ss8cYOPeiX

May 17, 2018

9. Opium concealed in nuts

Three packages were seized by Canada Border Services Agency in Montreal after discovering 10 kilograms of opium were inside. The sender tried to conceal the drugs inside nut shells.

Mounted Police Cuff #Keswick Man Over Opium Allegations https://t.co/JmxSMn7ECv @RCMPONT @KoolFMBarrie pic.twitter.com/itx2lPIRVU

August 2, 2018

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