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The Viral Couple #HurtBae Just Reunited For A Second Video And It's Seriously Petty

It was just over a year ago that the infamous video #HurtBae landed on the internet and went absolutely viral. With over 11 million views, the emotional and heartbreaking "Broken" video of Kourtney and Leonard, exes who sat down together after cheating tore them apart, struck a major chord with the internet.

People related to Kourtney and her heartbreak over Leonard, a cheating and lying boyfriend who didn't treat her right.  And many saw Leonard as the villain in their relationship.

Now over a year later the organization that filmed #HurtBae brought the pair together again to see how everything landed after the exes and their story went viral.

We see the couple now that some time has past. The two seem a lot less sad and nostalgic and a lot more bitter and angry. They spend the duration of their 7 minute video throwing insults at each other like "I hope I never see you again" and "Shut Up, you're tripping" over and over again, which makes this sad story even sadder.

At one point Leonard claims that he did the original #HurtBae video so that Kourtney could move on, to which Kourtney gets so angry that she walks off set. Leonard also claimed the original video was done for exposure for both of them since they're looking to build a platform in the entertainment world. To which Kourtney again gets upset and defensive about.

Via Iris

Things get seriously petty after the 5:20 mark when Kourtney puts it out there that she's in a new relationship and happy. Leonard responds saying that he was in a relationship when they did the original video.

It goes back and forth for a bit then ends with the ex-couple "washing their hands of each other".

So just when you thought you saw it all with #HurtBae, sadly there was more. You can see that the love has definitely fizzled out for the two into something a lot less warm and fuzzy.

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