Ever hear the phrase, "There's no such thing as a free lunch"? Well, there might be a thing called a free trip - to the Virgin Islands. And it's on the U.S. The three islands that compose the Virgin Islands - St. Thomas, St. Croix and  St. John - are celebrating a special anniversary and want you to help celebrate with them. 

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100 years ago, Denmark sold The Virgin Islands to the US for a cool $25 million. This is an occasion they celebrate as "Transfer Day". Because it's been a whopping hundred years, the U.S Virgin Islands are willing to pay you to visit if you spend more than three consecutive nights at any one of the islands before 2017 is over. 

If you do happen to spend three consecutive nights at one of the Virgin Islands, the government won't hand you cold hard cash. They will, however, give you a $300 voucher that you can use to reimburse your hotel or, use on "Historical/Cultural Tours and Activities". 

There are some exceptions to the rebate however - you need to book your trip before October 1st, your stay has to be in the 2017 calendar year, and you have to spend 3-consective nights at any one of the Virgin Islands. To take advantage of this offer, book through the USVI website here and check here to see where you can spend your credit.