A Winter Storm Is Coming For The Prairies With Bitter Cold & Up To 30 CM Of Snow (VIDEO)

Hold on to your hats.
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The Weather Network: Snowstorm And Cold Weather In The Prairies Of Canada (VIDEO)

Just when you think spring is here to stay, winter decides to make an unwanted appearance, over and over and over. According to The Weather Network, a snowstorm and bitter cold in the prairies are expected to hit this evening and it won't let up until Saturday.  

The snow has already begun in Alberta and is slowly making its way west to Saskatchewan and Manitoba until Sunday.  

Calgary and the cities south of it will be getting up to 40 cm of snow.  

The further north you are the less snow you will be seeing but it’s going to get very cold.  

Regina, Saskatoon, and Edmonton will drop down to at least -20 C.  

Don’t put your touques in storage just yet because you’ll have to bundle up for the next few days.

Jade Woo-Giroux
Associate Producer
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