Following a period of severe weather in the Prairies which included six confirmed tornadoes, the storm risks continue this week with patterns shifting east.

According to meteorologists at The Weather Network, heavy rainfall, damaging winds, large hail and even tornado formation is still possible in the southern regions of Manitoba near northwestern Ontario:

Such tornado risk has been reported despite the fact that the severe weather is slowing down.

"The good news is the atmosphere isn't as favourable for tornadic development on Wednesday, as the driving low pressure lags behind the system and the cold front loses some of its punch as it heads into the Great Lakes region," writes meteorologists at The Weather Network.

"That said, given the history of the system, we are still looking at the risk for all modes of severe weather on Wednesday, with the primary risk region for tornadoes in the south, along the Manitoba/Ontario border."

Winds reaching speeds of 60 km/h through southern Saskatchewan could help support storm development east. That, combined with the approaching cold front, will leave a line of storms that will be "ones to watch."

Source: The Weather Network