The Weeknd Organized An Entire Birthday Pop-up For Adam Sandler At TIFF Last Night

He even sang Happy Birthday to him!
The Weeknd Organized An Entire Birthday Pop-up For Adam Sandler At TIFF Last Night

The Weeknd has been staying far, far away from any media attention lately. After just recently reactivating his Instagram account again, people are finally starting to feel hopeful about new music. Despite the new anti-media rule he's been following, there was no way he could pass up an opportunity to party with celebs in his home town. The Weeknd threw a TIFF after-party in honor of Adam Sandler's birthday. 

If you've been paying attention to all the TIFF buzz, you've probably heard that Adam Sandler's 2019 experience didn't really start out on a good note. After the viral video of him being yelled at by someone in front of the Toronto Eaton Centre came out, maybe a birthday party was what he needed. Or at least that's what The Weeknd thought would cheer him up. 

The Weeknd hosted the Uncut Gems premiere party and reportedly had constant cocktails being served at the fancy Ar'Carne. Adam Sandler just happened to be the star of Uncut Gems and when the Weeknd found out it was his birthday, the party just ended up being a birthday pop-up for the comedian. Hello Magazine reported that the party didn't wrap up until after 4 am. 

Emily Ratajkowski captured some of the fun they had at the TIFF afterparty on her Instagram story. In the video, The Weeknd and Adam Sandler are surrounded by a crowd of people while The Weeknd sings happy birthday to Sandler. We even get a glimpse of Timothee Chalamet who was also reported to have attended!

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At least Adam Sandler will be leaving Toronto with a slightly fonder memory than being yelled at in the middle of the street by a stranger. 

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