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The Weeknd Just Cut Ties With H&M Over Their Recent Sweater Scandal

H&M is well known and loved for their trendy and basic clothing that doesn't break the bank. While they've come under fire for allegations regarding mistreatment of workers, they've landed in hot water yet again. This time it's got nothing to do with workers and everything to do with the actual clothing. 

Earlier this morning, an American percussionist by the name of Questlove took to Instagram to post a photo of this young boy in an H&M sweater. The sweater was part of the brand's newest line of clothing and was seen on their website. 

Since then the post has gone completely viral, people infuriated at the fact that a young person of colour was put in a sweater that read "coolest monkey in the jungle." Thousands of Twitter users called for others to boycott the brand. As soon as the backlash began to pick up, H&M quickly removed the photo and sweater from their online websites and issued an apology. 

Via @SirMaejor

Via Mocha_Butter313

Though it's clear that some people have not accepted the apology, and one of the most notable people would definitely be The Weeknd. He just took to Twitter a few minutes ago confirming that he is cutting ties with the brand due to the scandal. The Toronto singer/ rapper has worked with the brand several times before, dropping two collections with the brand back in 2017. 

Via @theweeknd

While H&M has not released a statement about The Weeknd's comments, we're sure we'll hear from them soon. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time a clothing company has missed the mark when it comes to their graphics apparel, other notable scandals include Abercrombie and Fitch's "two wongs can make it white" t-shirt. 

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