We all got pretty shaken up after the news broke that JB and Selena are hanging out again. From after church chill sessions, to kicking it with friends, it seems like JB and Selena are more together than they've been in years - whether romantic or friendly. And although we missed #Jelena more than we thought, we never thought this meant that The Weeknd and Selena were over...until now. 

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Reports had claimed that Abel was a-o-k with Selena hitting up Justin again. That he "didn't care at all." Well, perhaps he cares a little more than he'd like us to think. Surely, it can't be a co-incidence that while Selena got breakfast with Justin, Abel decided to unfollow Selena's mom on Instagram? And not just her mom, but best-friend and kidney donor, Francia Raisa. 

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Bieber and Gomez grabbed breakfast on October 29th in California and headed back to Gomez' house while The Weeknd toured some cities in the states before cleaning up his Instagram. 

The Weeknd did a similar unfollowing spree shortly after breaking up with Bella Hadid. The singer unfollowed her friends and family before ultimately unfollowing the model in March of 2017, 5 months after their public break-up and 2 months after he'd been tied down to Selena Gomez. Does this mean the #Seekend is over?! Stay tuned.