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The Weirdest Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2018

The good, the bad and the... very weird.

It's officially November 1st, which means yet another Halloween is in the books! Of course, whenever the spookiest time of the year comes around, the only people who go harder than fifth graders when it comes to costumes are Hollywood celebrities. With costumes getting better and better each year, who can blame them?

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Some celebs knock it out of the park - others, not so much. So let's go through some of the weirdest celebrity costumes that came out of the woodwork this spooky season before we get in the Christmas spirit! 

Victoria Justice as a Ouija board 

@victoriajusticeembedded via

Like Victoria Justice herself, this costume is just very 2014 and a little tired? After Justice had posted a video of herself in the costume, not only were the comments a little disappointed in the off trend and tired costume choice but also noticed Justice had forgotten to include "U" in the alphabet on her chest.

Paris Hilton as a rainbow Furby 

@parishiltonembedded via

This costume choice of a "rainbow Furby" cements everyone's suspicion that Paris Hilton is quite literally stuck in 2001. Which there's nothing wrong with might I add, but definitely undeniable.

Rita Ora as Post Malone 

@ritaoraembedded via

Rita Ora's latest publicity stunt to become relevant costume definitely caught some well-needed buzz for the struggling star who's trying for the billionth time to break the Internet. It was definitely well done but something about the whole thing just feels off.

Ryan Seacrest as a belly dancer 

@ryanseacrestembedded via

This is definitely the most random costume and celebrity combo that came out of Halloween, while it's definitely funny, I feel like I'm not supposed to be looking at it.

Joe Jonas as Fiona Sansa Stark 

@joejonasembedded via

The best part about Joe Jonas' costume was the fact that 90% of his fanbase thought he was Fiona from Shrek. Alas, he was not doing justice to the movie of our generation on Halloween but was instead cosplaying as his girlfriend's "Game of Thrones" character which is definitely cute but... pay Shrek some respect.

Shaun White as Simple Jack 

@alex.hwd.dineleyembedded via

If you thought we were going to get out of Halloween 2018 without a celebrity wearing an offensive costume, you were definitely giving them a bit too much credit. This year, American Olympian Shaun White decided a character a lot of people find offensive from a movie that came out literally ten years ago was a good costume idea- we can't make this stuff up. The Simple Jack costume actually resulted in the Paralympics Twitter account reaching out to Shaun and letting them know how disappointed they were. Definitely wasn't a happy Halloween for America's star snowboarder.

Rachel Bloom as her dog 

Also, here’s my Halloween costume, I’m my dog pic.twitter.com/7Q97hO0f30

October 31, 2018

I feel like this costume is one of those moments where we need to stop wondering if we can do something, and start wondering if we should be doing it in the first place because while it's initially pretty funny, there is something about this costume is slightly terrifying.

Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti as...?

Iggy Azalea & Playboi Carti are spending this Halloween together.🎃💕 pic.twitter.com/iQVQiaNKhM

October 31, 2018

Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend Playboi Carti apparently were too cool or lazy to think of a costume this year for the Halloween party they attended and it just looks really awkward.

Frankie Grande as "Cosmos"

@frankiejgrandeembedded via

Will Frankie Grande ever let his sister have anything? Probably not. Grande was "Cosmos" for Halloween and his sister's fans were quick to note how much it looked like a bootleg version out of a scene from the "God is a Woman" music video - yikes.

Ireland Baldwin as... something with blood on it 

@irelandbasingerbaldwinembedded via

I have so many questions about this costume. There's a lot of blood, a baseball bat, a ripped white t-shirt and then... a masquerade mask? What is this costume!?

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams as a taco and Belle

@sarahhylandembedded via

I'm frankly embarrassed that it took me writing out "taco and Belle" in this article to realize why Sarah Hyland was a taco instead of the beast. Either way, the costume is definitely funny and cute, but I think this is the last time anyone wants to see Wells Adam pull off a dress better than us.

Kylie Jenner as Beyoncé's old Halloween costume? 

@diet_pradaembedded via

Kylie Jenner had a few costumes on her roster for 2018, after being a butterfly with Stormi and a Victoria Secret Angel, she also took to Instagram to share her Barbie costume. Many were quick to point out though that Beyoncé had done a very similar concept years before. Who do you think did it better?