"The Witcher" On Netflix Canada Isn't Out Yet But It's Already Been Renewed For Season 2

Season one hits Netflix on December 20.
"The Witcher" Season 2  On Netflix Canada Was Confirmed Before Season 1 Was Released

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you basically have an endless supply of content at your fingertips, 24/7. The streaming service releases multiple new series every month, which seems like a good thing until you binge the entire thing in one day, and have to wait a year to find out what happens next. Earlier today though, Netflix made a renewal announcement that was quite out of character for them. The Witcher season two on Netflix Canada was confirmed before season one was released.

If you keep the tabs on Netflix's latest releases, you may remember back in the summer, when they released a trailer for their adaption of the famous video game The Witcher.

Immediately after watching the trailer, people began to compare the series to Game of Thrones and movies from the Marvel franchise, the first because of the medieval vibes the show has, and the latter because the series looks like it's jam-packed with action and superpowers.

The first season of the show isn't yet available on Netflix, but fans of the video game and the cast (particularly Henry Cavill) can't wait to see the adaptation brought to life.

Usually, Netflix waits for the approval of audiences before announcing a second season of a show, but the streaming service is so confident in The Witcher that they've announced a second season before the first has even aired.

"The Witcher hasn’t even dropped on Netflix yet and got a renewal for season 2 already. First season must be fire," one user tweeted. "How did they already order a season 2 of The Witcher when it hasn't even started? I mean, I'm definitely gonna watch it (bc Henry), but I'm not entirely confident it's going to be that great," argued another.

Clearly the announcement of a second season has some users divided, but it's interesting to see Netflix trying something new, especially with the recent launch of Disney+.

Filming for season two of The Witcher will begin in early 2020, and the first season will be available for streaming on Netflix as of December 20. You can check out the trailer for the series below.

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