Netflix Canada's New Eerie Crime Show "The Woods" Is So Similar To "The Stranger"

It's time to buckle up for this new Thriller.
Netflix Canada's New Eerie Crime Show "The Woods" Is So Similar To "The Stranger"

If you’re currently obsessed with Netflix’s new crime show, The Stranger, the platform just announced some news you’ll love. The creator of the show and author of the stalker series, Harlan Coben, is currently working on another adaptation involving one of his books. The Woods on Netflix Canada hasn’t even been released yet and people are already being advised to add it to their watchlist.

Deadline first broke the news back in 2019 when they announced the mystery thriller would be adapted as a Polish original.

It was also revealed that Coben will act as an executive producer on the six-part series that’s set to premiere sometime in 2020.

However, subscribers only began to catch wind of the new series after the title was added to the streaming platform.

Netflix summarizes their new addition as, “A Warsaw prosecutor’s hopes rise when a body is found and linked to his sister’s disappearance 25 years earlier.”

It was also reported by Deadline that the show will flash between 1994 and 2019 in order to properly roll out the mystery.

On February 23, one twitter user directed her curiosity about the new title at both Coben and Netflix “@HarlanCoben @netflix what is this? ”

Luckily for her, Coben actually replied!

“My advice? Put this on your Netflix “remind me” or watchlist now,” he teased.

Coben's Twitter interaction wasn’t the first time he’s shared his excitement about the adaptation. According to Deadline, he says he’s “so proud to be teaming up with this incredible cast and crew from Poland and helping introduce their brilliant work to Netflix’s global audience.”

Polish director Leszek Dawid will be taking over the series and Deadline reported he made a passionate speech about the stories content as well, “The Woods is a story full of secrets a story you will want to follow. Try as hard as you might to bury unresolved issues from the past, but one day they will find their way back to you anyway.“

You can catch season one of Coben’s other adaptation, The Stranger, streaming on Netflix Canada now.