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The World's Biggest Poutine Festival Is Returning To Cities Across Canada

La Poutine Week's coming to Canada starting February 1, 2019.

If you're Canadian then you're undoubtedly a lover of french fries, gravy and squeaky cheese curds. Yes, we're talking about poutine. We're excited to announce that La Poutine Week, the biggest poutine festival in the world is returning to Canada next month starting on February 1, 2019

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Every year during the first week of February, restaurants all across Canada and the United States make special poutines in honour of La Poutine Week. Poutine lovers across the nation get a chance to enjoy new tasty poutines and vote for their favourite ones. At the end of the festival, participating restaurants will be named the best poutines in the country. 

At Narcity, we're huge fans of poutine so we're definitely excited to try out all of the amazing poutines available across the country this year. 

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The festival originally started in Montreal seven years ago, but now it has over 300,000 participants in tons of Canadian cities across the country. 

So far, the entire list of participating restaurants has not been released, but we do have some information for you! 

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The official dates for the poutine festival have been announced. La Poutine Week will officially run from February 1 - February 7. If it's anything like last year, there will be participating restaurants all across Canada.

Last year, there were restaurants participating in La Poutine Week in Vancouver, BC, Saskatoon, Calgary, Quebec City and more! If you live in any major city in Canada, we're sure there will be a participating restaurant near you.

If you love ooey gooey poutine, then you need to check out La Poutine Week taking place next month. 

Click here to find more information on La Poutine Week.