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The World's Biggest T. Rex Was Just Discovered In Canada

The world's biggest T. Rex was just discovered in Canada and his name is Scotty.
The World's Biggest T. Rex Was Just Discovered In Canada

Long before there were people roaming around the True North, there were dinosaurs. In fact, palaeontologists here in Canada have been unearthing fossils and dinosaur bones for over 100 years, but their latest discovery is a big one, literally. The world's biggest T. Rex was just discovered in Canada

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According to CTV, a team of palaeontologists from the University of Alberta revealed on Friday that they discovered the world's biggest dinosaur in Saskatchewan. They've named the Tyrannosaurus rex Scotty after the celebratory bottle of scotch they drank when they discovered him.  That bottle was well deserved because not only is Scotty the biggest T. rex ever found, but he's also the oldest. 

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Scotty measures in at 13 meters long and would have weighed 8800 kilograms. That's almost as long as a transport truck trailer and one and a half times as heavy as an elephant. This weight is 400 Kg heavier than the biggest Tyrannosauruses already discovered. On top of that Scotty is the oldest T. rex discovered in the world. It's believed that he roamed Canada over 66 million years ago and was 30 when he died, a particularly long life span for dinosaurs. 

Scotty was formally announced to the world as the biggest ever yesterday, but he's not new to the palaeontologists who discovered him. In fact, they've known Scotty for almost three decades. 

The team responsible for unearthing Scotty only revealed the discovery to the world recently by they have actually been working on his excavation since he was first discovered back in 1991, almost 30 years ago. They didn't manage to free him until 2014. 

The reason the dig took so long was that Scotty's bones were encased in sandstone. One of the team members, Scott Persons, said that it was essentially like trying to free the skeleton from cement. 

Nonetheless, Scotty is completely freed now, and pretty soon Canadians will actually get to see him in all his glory. The massive skeleton will be on display at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina starting this May. 

The exact opening date of Scotty's exhibit hasn't been made public yet, but the museum is making a big deal out of the big dinosaur. They are even renovating the museum to create a two-tiered viewing space for Scotty. 

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While they haven't made the opening date public yet, people who are members of the museum will get to know the date first and also be among the first people to see Scotty in person. 

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