David Spade's Upcoming Netflix Film Is A Classic Love Story Gone Hilariously Wrong

It's a 'Grown Ups' reunion!
The Wrong Missy On Netflix

He’s at it again! David Spade is making his return to your screen for the first time since 2018 in The Wrong Missy on Netflix. The upcoming film is set to premiere next month and will have you absolutely rolling with laughter.

In the movie, Spade plays the role of Tim Morris—a man who meets his dream girl, Missy, and quickly begins building a relationship with her via text message. With his company’s big corporate retreat right around the corner, Tim decides to take the plunge and invite Missy to come along to Hawaii.

She excitedly agrees to tag along on the trip, but as Tim anxiously awaits her arrival at the airport, he quickly learns that he’s been texting the wrong girl (who also happens to be named Missy). The woman who he invited wasn’t his dream girl at all, it was a previous blind date that went horrendously bad.

Tim realizes he has some major damage control to do, not only with Missy but also with his co-workers, who have heard him bragging about her endlessly. One thing’s for sure—he’s in for one unforgettable vacation with his wild former flame by his side.

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The Wrong Missy stars Lauren Lapkus (Orange Is the New Black), Nick Swardson (Just Go With It), Molly Sims (The Benchwarmers), Geoff Pierson (Dexter), John Farley (Joe Dirt), Rob Schnieder (Grown Ups), American rapper Vanilla Ice, and Canadian actress Sarah Chalke (Scrubs).

Spade has previously worked with many of these actors on his past projects (Joe Dirt, The Benchwarmers, and Grown Ups), so it will be interesting to see how their dynamics have changed over the years.

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Other movies coming to the streaming service in the month of May that are already generating big buzz include All Day and a Night, The Half of It, and The Lovebirds.

The Wrong Missy is coming to Netflix on May 13. You can check out the trailer for the hilarious new comedy below.

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