This Edgar Allan Poe Themed Coffeehouse In Michigan Will Make You Feel Like A Literary Legend

It doesn't get much cozier than this.
Themed Restaurant In Michigan Will Make You Feel Like A Literary Legend

If you're constantly on the hunt for the comfiest coffee shop, your search might be over. The Raven Cafe is named after Edgar Allan Poe's most famous story and the literary inspiration is seen throughout the place. This themed restaurant in Port Huron really is the whole package. 

On the first floor of this historic building in downtown Port Huron is the dining room where you can order a coffee or a sandwich and relax in the cozy atmosphere. 

The second floor is dedicated to all things bookish. Packed shelves line the walls and you can easily lose a dreamy afternoon sipping hot chocolate with your friends.

This place is a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a bar all rolled into one. 

They serve craft beers on tap that are made right here in Michigan. 

Walking into Raven Cafe feels like you've entered a whole new world that still feels like it's just as comfy as your own living room. 

A gorgeous chandelier dominates the dining room and the walls are filled with unique posters that someone could spend an entire afternoon investigating. 

Something that really makes this place stand out is the community that loves to visit. 

Customers have been leaving secrets and stories in drawers in coffee tables and in shared journals since the shop has opened. 

They often have live music as well, which really just puts the relaxing atmosphere over the top. 

This building is over 150 years old and the antique architectural details have been preserved in a breathtaking way. 

The windows and woodwork will make you feel like the ghost of Poe might be sitting right next to you writing his next masterpiece. 

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Raven Cafe

Price: 💸

Address: 932 Military St., #1, Port Huron, MI

Why You Need To Go: If you're looking to lose an afternoon daydreaming in a cozy atmosphere then you have to check this out. 

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