Environment Canada Has Issued 25 Weather Alerts For Severe Rain, Winds And Snow In Several Provinces

All the warnings are about snow and Hurricane Michael.
Environment Canada Has Issued 25 Weather Alerts For Severe Rain, Winds And Snow In Several Provinces

This past week has been the epitome of Fall in Canada, with a dumping of snow in Calgary while Toronto experienced the second coming of summer and crazy 35-degree humidity. 

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To continue proving the fact that seasons mean absolutely nothing in Canada, Mother Nature has decided to hit the country with all sorts of elements from snow to rain to wreckhouse winds and it's prompted Environment Canada to issue 25 different warnings about the severe weather.

Via Environment Canada

Despite the fact that it's only October, out of the 25 warnings, 8 of them are about snowfall, particularly in Ontario where they warn people could see anywhere from 15 to 25 cm of snow. 

There are also snowfall warnings in Labrador and Manitoba. In other parts of Ontario that saw some snow yesterday, they also now have freezing rain warnings in effect. 

As for the rest of the warnings, in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, they have severe rain warnings in effect and even a warning about wreckhouse wind, which means any wind that could be damaging. In this case, they are expecting winds of around 100km/hour. 

While the snow is simply caused by cold arctic air in Canada, the warnings in the Maritimes are prompted by the tail end of Hurricane Michael, now a post-tropical storm, which is making its way through the Atlantic later this week. While it's not expected to cause widespread devastation, the area will be dumped on by rain. 

On top of the 25 severe warnings in effect right now, Environment Canada has also released a number of special weather statements throughout the country, placing residents on standby for possible severe weather, which in most cases means more snow or aftermath of Hurricane Michael. 

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