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You Can Visit Museums Across Georgia For FREE Next Month For Museum Day

As adults, it's hard to come across "treat yo'self" moments or experiences, especially when your rent, car note, insurance, and phone bill are all due days apart from each other. Lucky for you, there's a guilt-free day where you'll be able to do something special for free. On Museum Day in September, there are 31 Georgia museums that are completely free. That means you can hit the city for an adorable Saturday afternoon to explore all the wonders waiting inside those museum doors. 

This event is all thanks to Smithsonian Magazine, which has brought 1,300 museums across the nation together to spoil you as part of "Museum Day." If you have your heart set on going to one museum in particular, you can see if it's participating in the free day.

Some fan favorites like the High Museum and Fernbank have opted not to take part in Museum Day (although they have some equally amazing events), but that doesn't mean there aren't other gems to be explored. If you're open to touring a new museum, you can also just search what's available in your state.

Even with 31 unique options to choose from, more museums are expected to sign on later.

As of now, you can spend your Saturday at: 

You're allowed to download two tickets per e-mail address, so there's no reason why everyone in your crew can't join.

To continue on your super-saver streak, you can also hit the Coca-Cola Museum — it's $10 until September for college students with an ID. 

Museum Day 

Price: Free!

When: Sept. 21

Address: Multiple locations across Georgia 

Why You Need To Go: With cost not being a factor, there's nothing holding you back from delving into a world of art, history, or science.